75 Willett Street
The Philip Schuyler Apartments

The Philip Schuyler Apartments

The Philip Schuyler Apartments provide a vivid reminder of built-for-luxury apartment residences of an era when quality was whispered into every element--brick, foundational concrete, copper and wall to provide an unmatched living experience for those who could afford the lifestyle. It is remindful of stately, always fashionable buildings found commonly on the east and west sides of New York. It is one of the only Capital Region intact pre-depression properties wedded to today's technology and amenities.

The building is an iconic landmark that has provided generations of Albany residents a distinguished address replete with convenience, service and ambience only found in buildings of its vintage and architecture which speaks to another time.

Its front vista enjoys a commanding view of the historic and rigorously maintained Washington Park. Looking east, it presents an unmatched visual tableaux of the cityscape with its towering crowns, the Empire Plaza.

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